The Winners List

Our winners are notified and confirmed via email. Below is a list of our most recent winners. Confirmed winners are added chronologically after the competition has closed. Don’t see your name on the list? Keep entering daily!


Ended: June 17, 2015
Britains tai woffinden in action at british fim speedway grand prix cred
  • Congratulations sharron b. from devon!
  • Congratulations Chris G. from West Midlands!
  • Congratulations Pat M. from East Sussex!
  • Congratulations Deborah G. from Norfolk !
  • Congratulations Stephen H. from Shropshire!

Win 5 x Roku 3 streaming players

Ended: June 17, 2015
  • Congratulations Terry P. from East Yorks!
  • Congratulations IRENE N. from CORNWALL!
  • Congratulations andrew p. from notts!
  • Congratulations Susan H. from BUCKINGHAMSHIRE !
  • Congratulations PHILIP A. from WEST YORKSHIRE!

Win 10 x complete car kit from Astonish

Ended: June 17, 2015
  • Congratulations Lynne B. from Kent!
  • Congratulations helen t. from norfolk!
  • Congratulations Miss W. from Kent!
  • Congratulations Kath R. from Yorkshire!
  • Congratulations mark t. from west yorkshire!
  • Congratulations Carol s. from Leics!
  • Congratulations ANDREW D. from SOMERSET!
  • Congratulations MAXINE D. from MID GLAMORGAN!
  • Congratulations WENDY C. from KENT!
  • Congratulations Stephen f. from Lincolnshire!

Win 2 x LG G Smart Watches

Ended: June 16, 2015
Lg smartwatch 480x420
  • Congratulations shirley c. from lancashire!
  • Congratulations Susan G. from Somerset!

Win 2 x tickets to Alice’s Adventures Underground

Ended: June 16, 2015
  • Congratulations Lokson C. from London!
  • Congratulations Roslyn H. from W. Midlands!


Ended: June 15, 2015
Aprons with cwk header high res
  • Congratulations Dawn ,. from Lancashire!

Win 6 x The Hounds of Baskervilles on Blu ray

Ended: June 15, 2015
  • Congratulations Gail W. from Pembrokeshire!
  • Congratulations Angela H. from Essex!
  • Congratulations Mrs S. from Hampshire!
  • Congratulations Patricia F. from Lincs!
  • Congratulations Helen T. from Hants!
  • Congratulations Colin G. from Norfolk !


Ended: June 12, 2015
Nlnourkrin woman 60s left edge
  • Congratulations elizabeth f. from northumberland!
  • Congratulations Jane Q. from Surrey!
  • Congratulations Mrs S. from Lancashire!


Ended: June 12, 2015
Asdameat dukkahcrust
  • Congratulations Peter R. from Gwynedd!
  • Congratulations Caroline S. from Middlesex!
  • Congratulations Antony B. from Lancs!
  • Congratulations Paul H. from East Sussex!

Win 5 x sets of Gumbies Flip-flops

Ended: June 12, 2015
Flip flops
  • Congratulations Janet M. from Cheshire!
  • Congratulations BARRY C. from lancashire!
  • Congratulations maria m. from kent!
  • Congratulations Elizabeth T. from Middlesex!
  • Congratulations Isobel E. from hertfordshire!

Win 23 x Foster Grant Sunglasses

Ended: June 12, 2015
  • Congratulations Elvina E. from London!
  • Congratulations Caroline G. from London!
  • Congratulations Janis P. from Gwent!
  • Congratulations KENNETH M. from DERBYSHIRE!
  • Congratulations Mrs T. from Birmingham!
  • Congratulations Tonia S. from suffolk!
  • Congratulations Bruce C. from Lancashire!
  • Congratulations Susan C. from West Yorkshire!
  • Congratulations dawn d. from staffs!
  • Congratulations Robyn L. from Kent!
  • Congratulations Marion F. from Wiltshire!
  • Congratulations Sue C. from County Durham!
  • Congratulations Pat L. from Herts!
  • Congratulations Gillian M. from Leicestershire!
  • Congratulations George P. from Greater London!
  • Congratulations Judith A. from Denbighshire!
  • Congratulations Chris E. from Isle of Wight!
  • Congratulations Natalia S. from Kent!
  • Congratulations Jon D. from Hants!
  • Congratulations Suzanne M. from Lincolnshire!
  • Congratulations ANITA B. from Avon!
  • Congratulations mrs t. from hampshire!
  • Congratulations Graham B. from Wiltshire!

Win an Apple iPod touch plus Now 90 and Now Song CDs

Ended: June 12, 2015
  • Congratulations Simon c. from London!

Win 10 x Damart printed blouses

Ended: June 12, 2015
  • Congratulations Corinne M. from Derbyshire!
  • Congratulations Marie B. from Cumbria!
  • Congratulations Tony S. from Kent!
  • Congratulations Susan G. from West Midlands!
  • Congratulations SUZANNE E. from CORNWALL!
  • Congratulations Sue C. from County Durham!
  • Congratulations Alison J. from Warwickshire!
  • Congratulations Julie J. from West Midlands!
  • Congratulations Miss A. from Lancashire!
  • Congratulations miss h. from essex!

Win 15 x Scrabble Travel & Uno Games

Ended: June 12, 2015
  • Congratulations Tony E. from Cheshire!
  • Congratulations Tricia W. from Hampshire!
  • Congratulations Aidan O. from Buckinghamshire!
  • Congratulations mrs d. from west yorkshire!
  • Congratulations TERESA G. from ISLE OF WIGHT !
  • Congratulations Elaine S. from Aberdeenshire!
  • Congratulations Peak L. from Wiltshire!
  • Congratulations Miss D. from West Sussex!
  • Congratulations Debra H. from Essex!
  • Congratulations Mark B. from Cheshire!
  • Congratulations Antony B. from Lancs!
  • Congratulations Neil C. from West Dunbartonshire!
  • Congratulations Ryan M. from Angus!
  • Congratulations mrs q. from GLOS!
  • Congratulations John T. from Cleveland !

Win 5 x sebamed® skincare sets

Ended: June 12, 2015
  • Congratulations Linda G. from Yorkshire!
  • Congratulations Susan J. from North Yorkshire!
  • Congratulations Clare D. from East Sussex!
  • Congratulations daryl g. from lancs!
  • Congratulations Victoria T. from Surrey!

Win 22 x pairs of Children's Sea-Bands

Ended: June 12, 2015
Sea band
  • Congratulations Beatrice B. from Cheshire!
  • Congratulations charlie t. from hampshire!
  • Congratulations Ann W. from Oxfordshire!
  • Congratulations Mrs B. from Cheshire!
  • Congratulations laura g. from nottinghamshire!
  • Congratulations Alexia E. from Cambridgeshire!
  • Congratulations Michelle B. from Dorset!
  • Congratulations Alison C. from Northants!
  • Congratulations janet w. from essex!
  • Congratulations James j. from Nottinghamshire!
  • Congratulations Stephen G. from Co. Durham!
  • Congratulations Andrea A. from Isle of Man!
  • Congratulations carole h. from staffs!
  • Congratulations ELIZABETH C. from ANTRIM!
  • Congratulations Suzanne R. from Berkshire!
  • Congratulations Narelle G. from Midlothian!
  • Congratulations Mrs G. from Jersey C.I.!
  • Congratulations Sabiha A. from Lancashire!
  • Congratulations Robin A. from Hants!
  • Congratulations maureen b. from England!
  • Congratulations Shelley D. from Lancashire!
  • Congratulations Jennifer R. from Somerset!

Win 27 x Water-Filter GO! bottles

Ended: June 12, 2015
  • Congratulations Anthea H. from Dorsety!
  • Congratulations Ray E. from Hants!
  • Congratulations MRS F. from WEST MIDLANDS!
  • Congratulations Keith R. from Nottinghamshire!
  • Congratulations Denise S. from South Yorkshire!
  • Congratulations Ms P. from Lancashire!
  • Congratulations Barbara M. from Lancashire!
  • Congratulations Lindsey W. from Essex!
  • Congratulations Sandra G. from Cambridgeshire!
  • Congratulations wendy f. from lincs!
  • Congratulations mrs n. from on tyne!
  • Congratulations Jed H. from Suffolk!
  • Congratulations Darren L. from Bedfordshire!
  • Congratulations Rhoda D. from Co. Down!
  • Congratulations Marilyn F. from Cornwall!
  • Congratulations Caroline C. from Nottinghamshire!
  • Congratulations Vicky W. from Derbyshire!
  • Congratulations Maureen f. from South yorks!
  • Congratulations Alison J. from Warwickshire!
  • Congratulations Edward Y. from Antrim!
  • Congratulations Mrs T. from Essex!
  • Congratulations mrs t. from hampshire!
  • Congratulations Kate S. from SOUTH YORKSHIRE!
  • Congratulations Forbes from Renfrewshire!
  • Congratulations susan c. from east sussex!
  • Congratulations Mrs T. from Staffordshire!
  • Congratulations Lyn B. from West Sussex!

Win 10 x Summer Book Bundles

Ended: June 12, 2015
  • Congratulations Mrs M. from Hampshire!
  • Congratulations shirley c. from lancashire!
  • Congratulations Suzanne M. from Lincolnshire!
  • Congratulations Judith L. from Cleveland!
  • Congratulations michelle b. from Buckinghamshire!
  • Congratulations Sue C. from Lincs!
  • Congratulations Joyce H. from Kent!
  • Congratulations sharon h. from torfaen!
  • Congratulations Sally R. from West Sussex!
  • Congratulations charlotte c. from wearside!

Win 2 x Razor E100 Electric Scooters

Ended: June 12, 2015
  • Congratulations Nigel A. from Lancashire!
  • Congratulations Fred L. from Durham!

Win 6 x sets of Rubik's Puzzles

Ended: June 12, 2015
  • Congratulations Denise M. from cambridgeshire!
  • Congratulations charles h. from staffs!
  • Congratulations SUSAN C. from DERBY!
  • Congratulations Elizabeth S. from Hampshire!
  • Congratulations MR P. from Highland, Scotland!
  • Congratulations Maurice M. from West Midlands!